Golden Axe: Ax Battler

: DF-GA-001
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Product: Golden Axe - Ax Battler
  • Size:
    • 48,3cm height
    • 26,4 cm width
    • 30 cm depth
  • Highest quality resin with hand-painted details.
  • Licensing by SEGA
  • Limited units (Made to Order Only)

Detalles del producto

Golden Ax, developed by SEGA, is a classic action and fantasy video game. It conquered many hearts due to its simple but addictive gameplay! One of the most iconic characters in this saga is Ax Battler, a brave warrior who fights tirelessly to free his land from the forces of evil. With his imposing sword and savage power, Ax Battler faces hordes of enemies and monsters in a medieval world full of danger and magic. Its robust and muscular design reflects its strength and determination, making it a symbol of heroism and justice. Ax Battler seeks not only to restore peace to his kingdom but also to avenge his family. This is what gives him the strength to face all kinds of creatures!!

Together with Sega we wanted to honor both the classic style and the original artwork of Boris Vallejo. 

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