: DF-TCM-002
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Measures: 69H * 65 W * 63 L (cm)

Weight: +30 kg

Edition Size: 100 PCS WORLDWIDE

Outer Box 1 Size:: 93.6 x 82.8 x 41.6 CM

Outer Box 2 Size:: 93.6 x 79.8 x 25.6 CM

Detalles del producto

Here's the second product in our classic horror line based on the genre's usual myths and literature.

LYCAN is a large statue in 1: 4 scale and focuses on the main characteristics of the Monster, brutality, bloody, savage ... taking care of all the details and providing a terrifying and intimidating appearance.

This is our interpretation of THE LYCAN, whose origin is the following myth, in summary:

Lycosura, ancient Greece.

Fearful of the gods, their ruler offered blood sacrifices to Zeus ...

Blood of innocent travelers, whose bodies became part of the banquet. Nothing goes to waste in the Licaon house.

One day a traveler came to his door. Warned that he could be a God, to prove it, Lycaon offered him a place at his table. Zeus's anger was such that he destroyed everything ... turning Licaon into a wolf.

Every decade, Licaon has a chance to redeem himself, he simply needs not to eat human flesh ... He has still not been successful to this day.

Concept and direction: dream figures

Sculptor: David Puertas

Master Paint: Artsizer

All statues will be numbered and will include a certificate of authenticity.

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