The Mummy

The Mummy – The Creepy Monster Series.

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Dream Figures is proud to present the first original product for the classic horror line “The Creepy Monsters”. THE MUMMY

We have made an interpretation of the myth of the mummy, with great detail and inspired by the curse and conflict with the Egyptian gods. Although it is an update of the classic monster, we wanted to maintain the essence that for so many years has terrified us.

This fantastic sculpture will be a very limited edition, will be produced only 50 world units, so it will be a piece of true collectors.

Statue made of resin and hand painted with special attention to detail.

The set of “The mummy” includes a complete sarcophagus, an Egyptian ankh and some columns engraved with geroglyphs. Real strings and chains will be included, as well as a base composed of totems of the Egyptian gods Anubis, Seth and Horus that give a spectacular visual appearance.

This fantastic statue will delight the most demanding, reaching 60 cm in height from the base to the highest point of the sarcophagus.



    License: The Creepy Monsters – Dream Figures License
    Scale: 1:4
    Edition Size: 50 pcs
    Manufacturer: Dream Figures
    Product Dimensions (cm): 60H x 54W x 60L
    Product Shipping Size: TBD
    Product Shipping Weight: TBD
    Material: PU Resin
    Estimated to Ship: Q2 2019



    Concept and Sculpture: David Puertas
    Color Design / Digital Paint: David Puertas 
    Art Direction: Jaime rodríguez, Arturo Callejo



Character Intro

Year 2043 BC, Ancient Egypt.

A long reign of oppression, ruled by an ambitious pharaoh and full of evil, who resorts to the dark arts to get even more power.

Because of this, the gods intervene to end their reign of evil, but they only manage to create an abomination … that will last forever.

To this day comes his prophecy.

“I am the daughter of darkness, in the shadows I move and from them I return, neither dead nor born, the” Not complete “, the” Denied “.

Ra deprived me of his light; the Lord of the Duat, Osiris, chose to ignore me. Neither Set, the God of evil, nor Horus, his eternal victor, dared to challenge me. Anubis, the Jackal, embalmed me blindly and threw my heart to Ammyt, but the Devourer did not dare to swallow it.

I was erased from the memories and the existence, from the Book of the Dead and from the Texts of the Sarcophagi. They tried to silence me, but they did not succeed. They tried to annul me, but they did not succeed.

There are no spells of Gods or humans that can bend me. Infinite is my domain, my power indestructible.

My territory is the hell; their monsters fear me and serve me. Immortality is my ally. My kingdom is the underworld, when its doors open no one will reseal them.

You still do not see me, you still do not feel me, but I stalk. Temble souls of Paradise, dwellers of darkness, because my time has come. Keep vigil. Do not sleep Do not rest. My reign is near.

You can not be with me or against me because I will own you and you will be part of me. “

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